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sekarang saatnya untuk posting Ashampoo Snap 6 ini..
Bagi temen-temen devry yang belum tahu, Ashampoo Snap 6 ini adalah sebuah software yang bisa gunakan untuk meng-capture yang ada di tampilan layar komputer kita.

Bukan hanya gambar saja temen-temen !
Tapi juga bisa mengambil video, seru kan pasti? bisa untuk membuat tutorial.. :D

It couldn’t be easier!

Whether it’s at work, at school, at home or anywhere else, making screenshots has become an everyday task. With Ashampoo Snap 6 perfect screenshots for presentations, manuals or the Internet are made in a jiffy.

Many new functions and more comfort

Thanks to many new functions it has never been easier to make and edit professional looking screenshots. Let yourself be inspired by new innovative tools and individually edit your screenshots and videos. Even capturing menu trees is now very easy! The menu capture mode enables the user to quickly make a snapshot of multi-level menus.

Online in no time

Our screen photographer is now also an absolute must-have for Facebook fans. The new export feature enables uploads to the social network. Just make a snapshot of the desired content, upload the result to Facebook and look forward to great comments and lots of likes. That’s it!

New perspectives for video recording

This indispensable tool for every computer user also provides new opportunities for recording videos. Ashampoo Snap 6 does not only record your desktop, but also your webcam with mike to create video greetings, for example. Furthermore, video greetings or other captures are now easily uploaded to YouTube from within the program.

New highlights

  • Restructured tool bars for improved workflow
  • New tools, e.g. Floodfill, BlurPen, Numbering etc.
  • Facebook and YouTube upload
  • Easier accessible configuration options for all tools
  • Improved tools supporting rotation and transparency
  • Delayed and timed capture
  • Menu capture mode for multi-level menus
  • Watermarking for screenshots and captured videos
  • Recording of webcam and microphone

Just show it!

Ashampoo Snap 6 will revolutionize the way you make, edit and share snaps and videos of your screen content!
This program allows you to easily take screenshots of various regions, websites, or even specific windows on your desktop with just a few clicks.
In the user-friendly editing mode several tools are available for editing. Using those it’s easy to add images, notes, texts, markings, watermarks etc. to your screenshots.
Saving or exporting screenshots and videos is quickly done within the program. Just send an email, save your result to the clipboard or a file or just print it. Moreover, you can now upload your result directly to Facebook or YouTube.

Capture mode: New features and improvements

  • “Fixed Size Capture” now offers different pre-defined screen sizes.
  • Both delayed and timed capture is supported and the user can decide between one-time or repeated capture of the screen.
  • Menu capture mode for capturing multi-level menus.
  • Adding watermarks automatically to screenshots and videos.
  • Recording of webcam and microphone and saving that as a video file.
  • Additional support to resize the captured videos in real-time. For example, while capturing the whole desktop, the captured video resolution can be shrunk to 75% of its original size.

Editing mode: New features and improvements

  • Restructured toolbars to ease usage and improve workflow.
  • Easier accessible options for all tools.
  • Improved support of rotation, transparency and optimized display.
  • Display of miniatures for multiple captures.
  • New option to stay with the current tool, for example to add arrows in a batch.
  • Facebook and YouTube upload directly from within the program.

Editing mode: New tools

  • Floodfill: Supports gradient fill and different fill styles.
  • Note: Easily add notes with a single click in order to describe captures.
  • Text: Supports gradients, outlines, mirror effects for the creation of more complex text objects.
  • Numbering: Automatically numbers areas of the capture with a single mouse click by creating small numbered bullets.
  • BlurPen: This pen can be used to easily blur or pixelate areas of a screenshot.

Further improvements

  • Restructured configuration dialogues.
  • New Filename Generator: Automatically adds the title of the captured window or website to the filename.
  • Improved touch screen support for Windows 7.

Operating System:
Windows® XP, Windows Vista®, Windows® 7, Windows® 8
Any computer that runs on one of the above operating systems at a reasonable speed.
Graphic adapter:
min.resolution1024 x 768 and 16-bit High color (32-bit recommended) and min. 64 MB RAM.
Sound Card:
none (supported audio record device and microphone recommended)
RAM and disk space:
256 MB RAM, approx. 30 MB Hard Disk Space for program files.



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